Talking, Clip-On Golf GPS Device

Preloaded Courses: 38,000+
Screen Location Dimension: 1.28″
Fat: Unfamiliar
Battery Life Time: 11 hours
Recharge Time: 2-4 hours
Water-resistant: No
Event Lawful: Indeed

Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars


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Golf Buddy Voice X Golf GPS Evaluation

The well known Voice GPS has yet been upgraded again, and what we now have is the Voice X.  The Voice series of golf GPS models are identified for their simplicity and audio length readouts.  Each and every design has been well known as it’s arrive out as a result of the ages, but the Voice X is the element-loaded one particular of them all.

The new conversing buddy now athletics a round deal with rather of a sq. one particular.  The sharp style will allow for a superior match in the hand.  A redesigned clip on the back is non-removeable as it’s constructed in, but it can be clipped to no matter what area you locate convenient: belt strap, invoice of your cap, or even your score card.

You can now see figures more substantial than at any time on a Voice design.  The screen is larger than the Voice 2 with its 1.28″ Liquid crystal display exhibit.  Owning a issue seeing individuals figures, as well?  Do not worry.  The Voice X has a Big Selection Mode just for you.

Added upgrades to this conversing gadget incorporate a Pin Placement element, distances to targets and hazards, GPS in the two golf and outdoor method, and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless syncing of classes by using the mobile phone app.

Most potential buyers enjoy the dependability of a product that specials in only providing the length.  The Voice X will take points a very little little bit further more with its added capabilities, but it’s only added to the pizazz of the compact, very little unit.  Having said that, some defective types have created it earlier quality handle and it’s individuals ones that are dependable for some negative nay-say on the Voice X.  Concerns these as not turning on from the get-go and buttons falling out are all indicative of quality handle troubles.


  • Selling price
  • Upgraded capabilities
  • 1.28″ exhibit
  • Pin placement
  • Hazard distances


Golf Buddy Voice X Q&A

Can the Voice X be connected to a View Strap?

GolfBuddy VoiceX Side View Showing ClipSad to say, the style of the clip on the back does not make it possible for for attaching the Voice X to any old look at or wrist strap.

Having said that, it is suitable with a Golf Buddy wrist band that is sold separately.

You might also be in a position to locate it for sale as the Voice X on a wristband edition, but that has a constrained supply as Golf Buddy will not be supplying it lengthy time period.


Can the Golf Buddy Voice Track Scores?

Sadly, the Voice X does not have a score tracking element.  The plan of the Voice X is to keep simplicity as considerably as doable by only providing distances.


Golf Buddy Voice X VS Voice 2?

What are the dissimilarities concerning the Voice X and the Voice 2?  Properly, there’s rather a handful of variants concerning the two types in the exact series.  Apparent qualities of the Voice 2 are its 11 language choices, 14 hour battery lifetime, and it’s sq. interface with 5-button procedure.

The Voice X of course has all the element upgrades that consists of Bluetooth, Pin Placement, and hazard distances, but it took a drop with battery lifetime.  It only delivers 11 hours rather of the 14 of the Voice 2.  Having said that, buyers say they can get two rounds out of it, and 11 hours is about precise for its battery lifetime prior to recharge.

Screen Options on VoiceX GPS


Can the Battery be Replaced?

The battery is not intended to be changed.  It has a rechargeable lithium ion style battery that will have to be billed with the provided cable.

Even though the VS4 was an early predecessor in the Voice series, it’s now discontinued.  Having said that, the replaceable battery of the VS4 is anything we’d like to see on long term Voice types.  Trace, hint Golf Buddy.


What style of Charger is provided with the Voice X?

A micro USB charging cable is provided with the Golf Buddy Voice X GPS.  It will have to be inserted into a USB port these as on a computer or into a USB wall charger (not provided).


What does the Voice on the Voice X seem like?

The Voice X delivers the two feminine and male voices.  It also has 8 pre-loaded language choices: English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese.


What are Golf Buddy’s Once-a-year Fees?

Golf Buddy does not have any membership or annual costs.  Experience free of charge to get pleasure from your Golf Buddy product without having shelling out added just to use it.


Noteworthy Attributes:

  • Voice X has new and improved capabilities for the Voice Collection
  • Pin Placement and Hazard distances are now capabilities on the Voice X
  • Big Selection Mode will allow for even larger length readings
  • Bigger exhibit screen than previous Voice types
  • No annual costs or subscriptions!


Our Verdict on the Golf Buddy Voice X

VoiceX GPSTo ping up the strokes, the Voice X may yet be the best Voice design Golf Buddy has produced to the current market to date.  The upgraded capabilities have created it even more beneficial to golfers, but we’d still like to see an extended battery lifetime matching the Voice 2.

The Voice 2 is not a negative design even though it’s a very little older.  It offers the length, reads it out loud, and is easy to use while it supplies 14 hours of activity participate in.  But, the new VTX will take a complete new approach on beating the class.  It’s big, has a coloration touchscreen, and it talks!

The Garmin Method G10 is similar to the Voice X, but it does not discuss like the Golf Buddy does.  It delivers rather the exact capabilities as the Voice X, but it outdoes the Golf Buddy with its 15 hours of battery lifetime.  It’s competitors at its very best – examine it out in our evaluate.  How are you heading to make a decision: voice element vs more time participate in time?

There is nothing to complain about the Voice X.  The Voice series has often been an upstanding, strong, and precise line of GPS models.  It’s one particular of our favorites, and we’re not frightened to voice it.

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